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Collider Interview with Trace Adkins (Biker)

Interview with Cliff Martinez, Composer of Lincoln Lawyer

Collider interview with McConaughey:

Mick Haller has a rhythm to him that carries the film. Was that in the script?
McCONAUGHEY: I personally love movement, anyway. This whole script had movement, in its simplest form, for the mobile office. The Lincoln had such great entrances and exits from scenes. Open up, the Lincoln pulls in, he gets out. It’s a great segue-way. It’s literally a vehicle for segue-ways. That was something true about these guys who do what he does. They don’t stop. Everything is moving, like a dance. They’ve always got a few things going. They have a dexterity that is always on the move.

“Bottom feeder with a heart.” – McConaughey on Mickey Haller.